Kill your Clutter : 3 Steps to FREEDOM

If not you then who?

If not you then who?

Our  job sites  have  the potential  of  getting  cluttered  and  out  of  control  very  quickly!!!    So  how  do  we  keep  all  that  lumber  and  tools  and  trash  organized?  Here  are  3   simple  steps  that  will  give  you  peace  of  mind  to  move  on  to  do  the  things  you  really  need  to  be  doing.

No. 1     "IF  NOT  YOU  THEN  WHO ?"

It's so easy to kick the proverbial ice cube under the fridge and avoid the millisecond of bending down it would take to pick it up and toss it in the sink.  The same is true of our job sites where there might be 4 or 5 subcontractors on the job at any given time who leave things lying about. The key is realizing that if you don't pick it up no one will (for a while anyway) and if its still there, you cant get your work done as efficiently.  Most people WON'T do the hard things because our default is the desire to be comfortable. This default mode always backfires because the the messes we leave only weigh on us mentally.  Don't push it down the line to the next person.  Chances are they are going to kick it down the line too, and that cycle will keep going and going and going.  Make it stop with you!   Empower your self to be the one responsible for that change - however small it might be.     "If not you then who?"

No. 2     "IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN ?"

This one is similar to the first - don't save it for later - do it now !  Don't make it emotional - Make it a knee jerk reaction,  just pick it up! This goes for anything out of place whether in the kitchen or the bathroom or the bedroom or the job site!  No excuses   -   Don't give yourself the room for that. If you wan't things to be different you will have to make them different. 

Note that the power in these statements comes from saying them over and over to yourself and having them right on the tip of your tongue at all times. Teach them to your kids,  make your workers memorize them till they're blue in the face - they will be hounded to action by those words in their mind.  "If not now then when?"

No. 3     "Organized Chaos before perfection!"

We find that a neat pile is much better than a scattered mess. If you've got receipts and mail and kids drawings all over the desk,  quickly and indiscriminately put them all into one neat perfectly square pile before you go through them so you are dealing with one item at a time instead of 15 sitting in front of you  fighting for your attention. Do the same with all the pens crayons and pencils, all the dirty dishes cups and pans or tools, lumber and plywood - stack them neatly and then you will be able to see past the end of the tunnel.  Perfection can only come after discipline and discipline can only be achieved through motivated and deliberate action!  

Again, Don't make this about how you feel. Feelings have nothing to do with it - make acting on these statements your knee jerk reaction to all things a mess!