Positions for Inquiry

Lead Carpenter

We are looking for an experienced craftsman who is friendly, timely, and consistent. An employee who enjoys leading a team and has a love of carpentry. 



  • Seasoned experience in the field (5-10+ years of experience)

  • Complete projects profitably and on schedule

  • Perform all aspects of carpentry labor from framing through finish

  • Ability to read plans and have basic knowledge of code

  • Job-site supervision, protection and cleanliness

  • Highly organized and communicative

  • Ability to self educate and continuously educates oneself in the career of carpentry

Carpenter Assistant

We are looking for a tradesman who has experience but is looking to refine their skills in the field. A hard worker who is able to assist the Lead Carpenter in building beautiful spaces for our clients. 



  • Previous experience with carpentry, tools & machinery (At least 2-3+years)

  • Good dexterity, stamina, and attention to detail

  • Good math skills, communication, and teamwork

  • Maintenance of tools and equipment


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